The Paralelo 70 Foundation has been constituted for the development of projects that contribute to human and natural knowledge throughout the world.

We have been developing this activity since 2006, however it wasnt until a decade later, following a natural learning process, when we gave it shape.

In the approach of each project, we work on International Cooperation and conservation of cultural, natural and social heritage.

We are currently involved in the NOMADS project, in which we are documenting the ways of life of the ethnic minorities that move in the territory and in which we reflect on our own way of life, the social and natural development and the resources of the earth.

We started NOMADS on the east coast of Greenland, with the chapter Inuit hunters, the winter of 2018/19 we continue with the chapter Snow Leopard Project, with a conservation project carried out under the study of the nomadic population of Mongolia. Chapter 3 will be developed in Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands, with a double project, the study of the Koriak and a project of physical exploration of the islands. For chapter 4 we will work in the Sahel belt, a territory in continuous transformation in which we will carry out a complete study on human migration and the environment.